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Elected and Appointed Officials

Congressman Mike Thompson
Senator Bill Dodd
Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Napa Mayor Jill Techel
Former Napa Mayor Ed Henderson
Napa City Council Member Mary Luros
Napa City Council Member Liz Alessio
Napa County Supervisor Ryan Gregory
Napa County Supervisor Brad Wagenknecht
Napa County Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza
Napa County Supervisor Belia Ramos
Napa County Auditor-Controller Tracy Schulze
Napa Valley College Board of Trustee Jeff Dodd
Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District Director Tony Norris
Yountville Mayor John Dunbar
St. Helena City Councilwoman, Anna Chouteau
Napa County Planning Commissioner Dave Whitmer
Napa County Planning Commissioner Andrew Mazotti
Napa County Planning Commissioner Joelle Gallagher
Napa City Planning Commissioner Gordon Huether
Napa City Planning Commissioner Paul Kelley
Napa City Planning Commissioner Michael Murray
Napa City Planning Commissioner Reed Oñate

Local Organizations

Napa City Employees Association - SEIU 1021

Napa Solano Central Labor Council

Napa County Farm Bureau

Democrats of Napa Valley

Progressive Women of the Napa Valley

Napa County Latinx Democratic Club


Community Leaders and Residents (Partial List)

Dorothy Salmon
John Salmon
Ellyn Elson
Jason Luros
Sally Archambault
Barbara Balik
Allen Balik
Tracy Krumpen
Jeri Hansen
Marianne Carelton
Greg Carleton
Dona Bonik
Maxine Miluso
Suzanne Shiff
Nancy Gennett
Nancy Duckhorn
Mark Van Gorder
Paul Laband
Kevin Teague
David Freed
Mark Couchman
Jonathan Goldman
John Glaser
John Sensenbaugh
Carl Butts
Kelly Harrison
Ron Fedrick
Mike Morisoli
Debbie Healy
Dave Shubin
Jennifer Walker
Davit Sulam
Rita Burris
Poh Khuan Toh
Suzanne Truchard
Mike Silvas
Jill Silvas
Ernie Weir
Irit Weir
Judy Myers
Janna Waldinger
Tom Carey
Mara Adelman
Patricia Simpson
Catherine Heywood
Henni Cohen
Jennifer McCaffrey
Mark Bertstein
Pam Bernstein
Steve Sager
Bunnie Finkelstein
Dan Schwartz
Nancy Rose
Dave Shubin
Martin Mochizuki
Shelly Mochizuki
John Winkelhaus
Tom Davies
Debra Greenstein
Judd Wallenbrock
Leona Rice
Carl Rice
Cass Walker
Steve Perry
Brenda Perry
Scott Stearn
Sarah Marshall
Holly Dawson
Laurie Puzo
Dona Kopol Bonick
Radah Butler
Robin Stearn
Rex Stults
Niles Goldstein
Zen Hunter-Ishikawa
Kris Kelley
Roberta Solomon
Christopher Crosby
Sharon Macklin
Karen Sager
Judy Myers
Peter Laband
Joan Bennett
Dawnine Dyer
Keith Webster
Chelli Webster
Dotty Hopkins


At a time when leadership is critical, I believe Beth brings the experience, community understanding, and creative problem solving we need on the City Council. Cass Walker
Napa Valley would be so fortunate to have Beth Painter on our council. I have worked with Beth on the Napa Center for Thought and Culture for the past two years; very impressive! She is an extremely competent leader; very ethical, organized, compassionate, and articulate. She cares deeply for Napa and our quality of life. It is an honor to endorse Beth Painter. Dr. Mara Adelman
It is a privilege to support Beth in her run for City Council. Her deep knowledge of the community, support for the environment and commitment to the people of Napa assures we will be well-served by her presence on the council. Lynne Baker
We want to go on record as endorsing Beth Painter for the office of Napa City Council District 2. She has just the leadership qualities we need right now. Experience, new and creative ideas, determination to get the job done and the ability to bring people with different points of view together. She knows how to listen with respect. She is honest, reliable and always willing to put in the long hours necessary to forge ahead for the good of the Napans she serves. Her successes have never been about Beth Painter - they are about us, the people she serves. Her many years of experience speak for themselves. We cannot imagine a better candidate for Napa City Council. Outstanding and transparent leaders are needed right now more than ever. Beth Painter fills the bill in every way.
Barbara and Allen Balik
I have known Beth for many years can confidently assert that she develops stellar relationships with everyone she encounters; particularly in building trusting relationships with teams, board members, and community stakeholders. She has a keen understanding of the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural contexts at work throughout the county. Beth brings courage, compassion, and surety of purpose to her work and relationships. Coupled with her integrity and ability to always stay in inquiry mode, she is a major advocate for those she represents by investing time to research and investigation to provide an informed recommendation that is based on the best practices. It is my privilege to endorse and support Beth Painter for the District 2 seat on the Napa City Council.
Jan Storm Sabo Retired Associate Superintendent of Schools, Napa
Beth Painter has what it takes to be a leader in our community - she has my full endorsement!
Gordon Huether
Having Beth Painter as representative on the Napa City Council will be a great asset for our county. I look forward to seeing her present sound ideas for our community. I heartily endorse her as a candidate.
Barbara Lustig
Beth is intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful and kind. She will be a powerful and responsive voice. Support her.
Dan Phillips
Happy to endorse!!!!
Suzanne Shiff
When I discovered that Beth Painter is running for City Council in District Two, and not in District Four where we live, I was sorely tempted to sell our house and relocate to her neighborhood, given how strongly I feel about Beth as a candidate. I worked with Beth in a volunteer capacity, and saw first-hand how diligent, focused, organized, and committed she is. Beth is a doer, not a talker; when she takes on a task, you know she will get it done, and done well. She did this for us, and she will do this for you. If I were a resident of District Two, I would be first in line to cast my vote for her come November. For those of you who do call District Two home, you will be well-served if you elect Beth to represent you.
Robert Solomon

Beth Painter Napa City Council 2020
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